Published on 11/19/2021 7:27 am
Common Causes Of Lower Back Pain

As we all know these days a lot of people suffer from lower back pain problems. Low back pain can have major effects on your daily activities. For example, muscle spasms are the result of back strain which can be so acute that individuals suffer, and they will find it difficult to walk or even stand. There are no real low back pain treatments available at the home. So if you are in severe pain you need to visit a pain treatment clinic where you will find a back pain doctor or your pain specialist who can help you endure your pain with different therapies and medication. If you ask experts, back specialists mentioned that prevention is the best medicine for back pain. To prevent back pain is what we need to do, otherwise getting treatment is the only option. And what better way to prevent this condition than to identify the causes of low back pain and see if we can find ways to avoid it.


Here below we have some common causes of lower back pain:

1.   Sitting for long hours without changing your position:

Just to get an idea, think of the usual workday that you spend as an office worker - assuming you work in an office. Well, that is exactly the culprit that causes lower back pain or even upper back pain. On one hand, where all the modern technological marvels have made our lives easier by reducing the manual chores to a minimum, at the same it has made us lazier and unhealthy, by allowing us more comfort and less work.


2.   Not eating healthy and zero activity:

Hence, all this comfort has brought us more pain than relief in terms of our bad backs, especially lower backs that handle the most bodyweight and lazy limbs. Walking and cycling, which used to be the most common method of traveling to and from work have now become an alien concept to many in this day and age.

Lack of these simple, and once common activities have made our bodies less healthy and hence, more injury-prone. Too little activity reduces the muscle strength and suppleness in the spinal vertebrae, making them susceptible to injury and pain.


3.   Injury and fracture:

Many people tend to avoid minor injuries because they think treatment will cost and they don’t have time but do not think any minor injury can cause you a bigger strain and injury which can lead to any major problem. An old injury or strain, a fracture which you left there to pain can cause your major back pain after some time.


4.   Slip disk problem:

Many of you must know or hear of a disk problem that causes major back pain problems, this can be the reason for your low back pain. If you are facing severe pain for the past weeks you should get a consultation from your doctor and get yourself checked.

5.   Arthritis:

Osteoarthritis can be the major cause of lower back pain. Ankylosing spondylitis affects the lower back with inflammation and stiffness in the spine.



We hope you liked this article and now you know how common these problems are and what the causes of this disease are, do not avoid such pain if you are facing it and search for low back pain treatment and get your treatment done by a pain specialist.

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