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When does a Knee doctor recommend Knee Replacement Surgery?

Since a knee replacement surgery is a major surgery that’s why it is recommended when other treatments don’t give desired results or fail to reduce knee pain. A knee doctor may offer you knee surgery if:


  • The patient has severe knee pain and swelling that is reducing mobility.
  • The pain is so severe that you are unable to sleep.
  • Due to severe pain, you are unable to do daily tasks such as shopping, or taking bath, etc.
  • Knee pain is pushing you into a state of depression.  
  • You are losing your social life.

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Different types of knee replacement surgery


Total knee replacement:


In this kind of surgery, a knee pain specialist replaces both sides of your knee joint.


Half knee replacement 


The specialist replaces only one side of your knee in a modest operation. The patient has to stay in the hospital for a short period of time as it recovers early.


Other available options for surgery:

There are other alternatives also available for a knee replacement surgery, but results are generally not as good as they are not long-lasting.  You can discuss the treatment option with the specialist in the pain treatment center.


Other alternatives of knee replacement surgery may include:


Arthroscopic washout and debridement 


A miniature telescope (arthroscope) is implanted into the knee, which is removed out with saline to empty any inches of bone or cartilage




 the surgeon cuts the shin bone and reorganizes it so that your weight can’t stress over the damaged part of the knee




A keyhole operation that includes shifting plugs of tough cartilage, collectively with some underlying bone from another section of your knee, to restore the damaged surface


Preparations for knee replacement surgery:


Before going to the hospital, collect all the information related to your surgery. The hospital can provide you that in written or videos.

Be physically active if you can because it will help in strengthening the muscles around your knee and help you to recover fast.   


It is known that pain is the main reason for joint replacement surgery, it can be avoided,if  the patients follow some meaningful tips, discussed below:

  • People should maintain their weight as the extra body weight puts pressure on the joints and can cause the cartilage to break down. So, encourage the patients to lose some weight so that the stress can be reduced on their joints.
  • Insufficient physical activity may cause damage to the joints because it leads to cartilage loss between bones and leads to bone-on-bone contact that will cause extensive pain.
  • The doctor may use injections to reduce knee pain because injections with cortisone, or hyaluronic acid, are non-operative treatment.
  • A knee unloader brace can shift the stress to the side with minimal arthritis. The method helps in reducing pain and increases mobility.


These non-surgical procedures rely on the patients’ dedication towards weight loss and exercise. If they fail to reduce weight or to complete the bar of physical activity, they will have no option but knee replacement surgery.


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